Larry and Rita Rich Arnold
Available in cuddly silicone or lifelike resin

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For those who like big, chubby newborns, NewBaby is the baby for you!  This little girl is nearly 9 lbs, 22" long and has a 14" head circumference.  She can be ordered with your choice of eye color and either a baby wig or rooted mohair (your choice of color)  and each baby will be dressed in an outfit of Rita's choice.  The NewBaby pictured has partial limbs and can be ordered with full limbs (as shown in the last picture below). 
This baby can be ordered in either cuddly silicone or lifelike resin.  She can also be delivered bald in silicone for those who like to root hair. 



Also available with full sculpt arms and legs.



Layaway available


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